Beehively Tips: Adding Next Year’s Students Now

Since registration for the next school year generally begins in January/February and continues through June, many schools ask us when they should enter these new families into Beehively. New families are in a state of limbo of sorts; becoming members of the school community, but not technically in any existing class. Adding new students to their class for the new year while the current year is ongoing presents some challenges, so we have a few recommendations to help you connect with your new families, while maintaining your current classrooms.

We recommend creating two new classrooms for new families: Incoming Kindergarteners and New Families. Using these two groups allows you to:

  • Enter families as they enroll rather than rushing to get them all entered over the summer.
  • Communicate with your new families in the same manner you’re used to for current families.
  • Train newly enrolled families to interact with your school’s Beehively pages.
  • Enroll new families in Beehively while maintaining your current class lists.
  • Engage your new families as welcome members of your school community.

Incoming Kindergarteners:

Since the bulk of new students are generally kindergarteners, we recommend using a single class to house these students. When adding new students to Beehively, select Incoming Kindergarteners as their primary classroom. This grouping allows you to send messages specific to incoming kindergarteners, and trains parents to seek information from your school’s Beehively pages. When we rollover your students at the end of the year, we will roll over this Incoming Kindergarteners class into Kindergarten.

Incoming Kinder Announcement

New Families:

New families from across the rest of the grade levels can be enrolled in a class called “New Families.” Since there are usually only a few new students in each class across first through eighth grades, they can be grouped together for new family communication. Information that applies to new families across grade levels can be sent through this page, and checking Beehively will become a natural activity for these new parents. At the end of the year, you can either provide us with the grade levels/classroom assignments for these students, or you can manually select their new classroom AFTER we have rolled over the rest of your student body.

New Families Announcement

For more information on setting up these two classes, see our Guide to Classroom Setup, and for help adding new families see our Add a Family guide.

And of course, we’re always here to help. Email our support team at or call us at (888) 851-4879.

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