Improved Report Access and Greater Control of Approvals

As we near the end of the school year, we are continuing to improve Beehively in ways that better your experience. One of our goals is to provide a system that allows for easy access to the information you want, when you want it. With this focus, our updates this month consist of many details which we believe improve the Beehively experience.

Two key improvements we’d like to share are Term Specific Whole Class Reports and the Addition of the Auto-Approve setting to List emails. 

  • Term Specific Whole Class Reports We have found that teachers are generally looking for reports for the current term, however, occasionally reports for a previous term are needed. In the past, older reports could only be downloaded by a Beehively team member, but with this update we’ve added a term selection option to the Download Reports. This allows you to quickly access these reports for your whole class for any term in the current school year, regardless of the date. Select the term you desire, then click the report and your report will generate as usual.

term selection

  • Auto Approve Setting Added to List Emails – In the same way that each classroom/group has an email address that can be used to receive announcements, list email addresses allow community members to communicate without posting directly within Beehively. Schools often use these list emails to communicate with larger groups of families, who are not part of a particular class/group within Beehively. The Auto Approve setting allows you to decide whether or not emails sent to this address should be automatically distributed to list members. If the box is left unchecked, emails are subject to the approval process, ensuring only authorized messages reach your community.

List approval

Additional Updates

  • Commitments – We’ve updated the Commitments entry to allow for additional characters (e.g. dollar sign, commas).
  • Principal’s Messages – Principal messages have been reorganized to place the most recent messages first in the administrative view.
  • Feedback Page – Formatting on the feedback page has been improved to ensure ease of use.
  • Parent Gradebook View – We’ve updated the parent view to ensure they can easily access all of their students.
  • Report Card Comments – The formatting for Report Card comments was adjusted to remain consistent across web and pdf views.
  • Notification Settings – We’ve updated the email notification setting to also apply to welcome emails. When the school profile has “Email alerts to parents and students are turned: OFF” no emails will be sent to parent and student accounts, including new account welcome emails. This setting allows schools that are still in setup mode to add parents and students to Beehively and delay notification until Beehively is officially launched by the school.

Many of our updates come from client suggestions, and we are always interested to hear your ideas. If you have an improvement or feature suggestion, please share it with us at

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