Beehively Tips: How to Add a Photo Slideshow to an Announcement

Do you have photos you want to share on your class or group page? Add photos to a Picasa Web Album, which can be embedded in an Announcement or your Spotlight section.

Visit If you are directed to your Google+ account, click the notification to return to Picasa web albums.

To begin, upload your photos to a new album.


Click the album to get the embed code. Select “Link this Slideshow” then choose “Embed Slideshow.”


Set the slideshow options. Medium is the recommended size, we also recommend turning autoplay on. Turning captions on will display your unique captions per image as the slideshow plays. Copy the embed code once you complete selecting options.


Access Beehively and choose to add a new announcement, spotlight or welcome message. From the text entry screen, select “Insert Video.”


Paste the code into the provided field and select insert. Review your announcement to be sure the embedded material is there. You can now post your slideshow!



View your post on your class page to verify everything looks as you would like. Any photos you add to the embedded Picasa album will be added to your slideshow automatically. Contact with any questions about adding photo slideshows, we are always happy to help!

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