Tips and Tricks: About the Additions to Google Classroom

The developers over at Google are constantly adding new features to Google Classroom. Since our last blog post regarding Google Classroom in January of this year, several exciting and noteworthy features have been added.

This post will explain how to add a secondary teacher or instructional assistant. People added to this secondary role can create assignments and announcements, grade or review student work and even moderate the comment stream. Google Classroom was designed to help teachers spend less time on paperwork, and more time with their students.” With that in mind, read on to learn about this cool new feature!

Adding A Teacher or Instructional Assistant

To invite another teacher or an instructional assistant to join your class, there are a few basic steps to accomplish.

To add a teacher or instructional assistant, In Google Classroom, select one of your already created classrooms. First, click “About.” In the left pane of your screen, you’ll notice a button titled, “Invite Teacher.” Click and choose the person from your contact list. If you can’t find the person you have in mind, you may have to add the individual to your contacts.


Send the invite and your colleague can join your classroom! To read more about Google’s updates to Google Classroom, follow our blog. We are also available at to assist with any questions or suggestions.

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