Beehively Update: Gradebook Improvements

Welcome to the new school year! We are staying busy here at Beehively – as our new gradebook is used by more and more folks, we continue to make changes to improve the user experience.

With the handy autosave feature of our new gradebook, we found some were having trouble with poor network connectivity impacting their grades. If a teacher enters grades without being connected to the internet – they don’t save to the gradebook. We definitely don’t want that!

In this release, we have implemented an error message when a grade doesn’t save. This allows users to know when their internet may be down, or another computer issue causes failure to save a grade.


As shown above, a red error mark appears when a grade did not save successfully. If this happens, ensure your computer has a strong network connection or try to refresh the page. Keep in mind any grades with an error beside them will not be saved.

Next, we will cover the brand new “saving icon.” Displayed below is a user entering grades. Once he or she types in the points and hits “enter” to move to the next student down, a new icon will emerge (grey circular loading icon). 


This icon signifies that the system is in the process of saving that grade. Once the grade is saved successfully, the icon will vanish. Look fast, because it goes away quickly! If your internet connection is sluggish, the saving icon may remain on your screen longer. If the grade loads far too long, this signifies potential network issues and the grade may move to “unsaved” error mode.

We hope these new icons will be helpful in cases of network or device issues causing gradebook problems.

Also look forward to our next release on September 17th! Some minor fixes and improvements include:

  • Created the option to remove the preferred name field in people profiles
  • Improved assignment saving (faster and better than ever!)
  • We improved the the assignment creation and edit dialogue so vanishing assignment issues are no more!
  • Fixed some stale data issues to resolve lingering assignment marks
  • Subject grades can now be entered by for all students at once using the overview screen
  • The ability to undo overridden grades is now up and running again
  • Warning message when accessing the new Gradebook using Internet Explorer
  • Improved category filtering in the new Gradebook
  • Newly created categories will now have blank weighting – no more 100% defaults!

As always, please contact with any questions, concerns or suggestions!

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