Spring System Updates


Hello everyone!


We want to share with you what is new today in Beehively!  

This is the first product release of the new year, and we have a lot to share!


Many New Updates

What better place to start than with the two updates we think teachers will be most excited about!  We heard your requests and have adjusted the new gradebook accordingly.

  1. The floating MELR box is now moved to the right, no more hiding the grades of the student below!


2. The teacher’s comments column is moved to right after the “Subject Average” column, making it easier to look at the student name and subject average while adding comments.

Subject Comments.pngWhile those are a few of our favorites, the team has been busy adding several other great things as well!

Here are the highlights:

  • Each subject’s individual grade scale is now reflected in the dropdown menu on the overview screen
  • The subject average display can now be filtered to show the average for each category
  • The overview page and gradebooks now run faster
  • Reports are generating faster
  • You now see a warning message before deleting a category – no more accidentally deleting assignments!
  • The system now alerts you if another user is using an email address – no more wondering why you can’t get an account to save.

A New Feature

We are always excited to introduce a new feature!  After the introduction of the Electronic Report Distribution feature this fall, we are happy to provide schools with even more control over what reports parents and teachers see with the Classroom Reports Feature.

  • No more teacher confusion about which reports to print
  • No unused reports cluttering the page
  • Ensure that parents see exactly the report(s) you want them to

Ready to try out the new feature? Contact us at support@beehively.com!

Behind the Scenes

At Beehively we are always looking ahead to what we can do to make our product even better!  With this feature release we have made some backend changes to set us up to introduce Google Single Sign On for the 2016-2017 school year!  This will allow for integration with Google Classroom, Google Drive and more… we can’t wait to show you more soon.  

Before saying goodbye we just wanted to say, thank you!  Many of the updates we made are based on your wonderful ideas and valuable feedback, so keep sending them our way!

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with – our support team is always here – support@beehively.com.


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