Tip Sheet #2: Make Your Report Look Just Right!

Tip Sheet #2: Make Your Report Look Just Right!

After you have all your grades in and it is time to run your reports, the last thing you want is grades in the wrong places or missing information.  These tips will make sure that your reports are ready to go!

End of Year Scores Showing

If you have end of year scores showing, and you don’t need them now, you can hide them in the Grades Visibility Tab.  Find more about that here.

Trimester 2 or 3 Grades or Columns Showing

You can control what grading periods show in the Academic Period window.  To get there go to Administration → Grades/Reports → Settings → Academic Period.  From here you can select what periods and scores you want to show.


Classes Out of Order

Are your classes not appearing in the order you would like?  Are they showing up in the wrong table?  You can adjust the order for each subject through the gradebook.  Once you are in the gradebook you want to move click “Edit”.  From the “Edit” screen scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Advanced Setup”.


From here you can adjust the order in which subjects are displayed.   The default is to have the class numbered as 0.  If you are trying to reorder all of your classes and are struggling our support team is happy to help you out by emailing support@beehively.com or setting up a 30 minute support call.



Percentages or Letter Grades Showing

percentages_or_letter_gradesDepending on the grade you teach and the policy at your school you may or may not want to show percentages or letter grades on your report.  In some cases this changes by class.  In order to hide or show percentages or letter grades you will want to go into the gradebook and click on “Edit”  From the “edit” screen scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Advanced Setup”.

From here you can choose to show or hide percentages and show or hide letter grades.

Class Isn’t Showing

Do you have a class that has grades but isn’t appearing on the report card?  It must be hidden from parent and student view.  Click on “Edit” from the gradebook, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Advanced Setup”.  Make sure that you uncheck “Hide subject from parent and student view.”

Student’s Grade Isn’t Showing

Do you have a student who is missing a letter grade and instead showing a dash “-”?  This indicates that the percentage is not part of the grade scale.  We see this happen a lot with students who have a grade that exceeds 100%.  In order to adjust the grade scale higher go to “Administration” → “Grades/Reports” → “Settings” → “Grade Definitions”.  From here click “Edit” next to the grade scale you need to adjust.  Please note that the grade scale includes scores to the tenth percent.  So if you set a max point of 94 for an A- and a minimum of 95 for an A then students with a 94.5 won’t receive a letter grade.

The Wrong Letter Grades Appear

The system will pull letter grades from the grade scale you have selected.  To adjust the scale you chose go into your gradebook and select “Edit”.  From the “Edit” screen you can choose a new Grade Definition.

Looking for a Different Legend

custom_legendYou can now customize your report card legend for your individual class, you no longer have to use a schoolwide legend.  In order to customize the legend go to “Administration” → “Grades/Reports” → “Settings” → “Report Legends”.  At the top of the screen you will see the default legend for the entire school – to create a customized legend click on “Add New Legend”.

If you have any questions please email us at support@beehively.com or sign up for a 30 minute phone support session here.


The Beehively Team

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