Winter Break Release!

Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a wonderful break and are starting off the new year well.

We were very productive while school was out and we’re detailing three of these updates for you below.

First, you can now remove events in a recurring series without removing the entire series. I know a lot of you have been asking for this feature and it is here!

Second, we have updated the “Principal’s Message” section to improve usability! This section is a great place to share school-wide notices from the Principal (for example, a note about Catholic Schools Week).

  • We moved “Principal’s Message” to the drop-down menu instead of the previous checkbox.
    • When this option is selected, the “more” menu automatically opens for you to select whether or not you would like to send an email.


Third, we have made some updates to the announcement feature so that it is clearer and simpler to use.

  •   We added a message to notify the user that “School” is selected. This will send the announcement to the entire school and post on the homepage.


With all of the recent holidays, we also wanted to remind you that holidays can be added to attendance at the school level. Your classroom teachers and office staff do not need to enter holidays one student at a time.

If you would like assistance setting this up, please email

Please keep sharing your wonderful ideas for Beehively’s future. Your feedback helps us to update the system in truly meaningful ways.

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