File Related Service Notice


Great news! The internet has begun to heal and all Beehively file services are now accessible! If you would like more information on the service disruptions across the internet today, CNet has a nice overview here.

To clarify, attachments and files are now behaving as expected. We will respond here if there are any further updates.


Files are almost back to normal!

Previously uploaded files and information are now behaving. Unfortunately, newly generated attachments and PDF outputs are still not loading as expected. Hang tight. As we continue to monitor the situation further updates will be posted here.


Files are currently misbehaving in Beehively.  For parts of the software where you use attachments, you may find they either do not load or take a very long time to load.  For example, files are used when attaching content or accessing progress report PDF outputs.

Except for this file issue, all other services are running normally, like grading, announcements, and urgent alerts.

We are working resolving this issue and have identified the cause.  We will update this notice when it’s resolved.

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