Beat the Heat! 5 Tips to Protect Your Devices from Rising Temperatures

We rely on our electronic devices heavily and, with summer fast approaching, we have to take extra care of them. These devices are sensitive and vulnerable to the heat. Overheating can result in improper functionality or even data loss!

Follow our five friendly reminders to keep your devices functioning to their fullest potential this summer!

1. Keep devices in a cool area away from direct sunlight, preferably with air conditioning. Phone and tablet screens are especially good absorbers of heat in direct sunlight. This can cause them to shut down if they get too hot.

*If your school turns off the air conditioning over the summer, turn off your devices too!*

2. Dirt and dust can cause your electronics to overheat. Keep your devices clean by storing them away from smoke, dust, and humidity.

3. Just like us, devices need breaks too! Running for too long exhausts them so try to shut them down when you are not using them.

4. Let them breathe! Prop your devices up on a stand to allow air flow. Computers and iPads should be placed in an area that will allow airflow when the devices are being used for longer hours in one spot.

5. Keep opened applications to a minimum. Using multiple applications and loading tasks at the same time can cause devices to overheat so remember to close out applications you no longer need to maximize the device’s usability.

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