Innovations in School Technology: Chromebooks

A new feature is rolling out to new Chromebooks: support for Android apps!

Along with the change, many models are being produced with a touchscreen to allow apps designed for touch to be more easily interacted with, while keeping all the simplicity, form, and features of a Chromebook.

These new devices can be used for everything they could before, from Google cloud apps to web browsing, Chrome apps, and more. The additional Android apps are seamlessly pushed via the same management systems, so accessing the myriad of apps previously limited to phones and tablets doesn’t require any extra hassle.

Most new Chromebooks are built with a 360-degree hinge so they can be converted from conventional laptops with physical keyboards to tablets with just the touchscreen. Many are also made more robustly, able to better withstand the rigors of school use, with strengthened cases, rubberized edges, and even liquid resistance. There’s also the the option of choosing a model with a stylus, allowing more precise drawing and handwritten notes.

While price on the new devices can be a little higher, it’s still cheaper than many alternative devices, given they can be used in the place of a conventional computer as well as tablets.

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