App Alert! A Digital Library of Epic Proportions

Do you struggle to find the perfect book to engage a student and jumpstart their love for reading? Do you want to expand your classroom library? Look no further than Epic!, the app that gives educators and librarians unparalleled access to ebooks and educational videos…for free!

Epic! is the largest digital library in the world for children 12 and under. Their digital shelves are stocked with over 25,000 resources including fiction and nonfiction books, videos, and read aloud books. New books are added to the database weekly to keep it updated and relevant. This giant library can be accessed anywhere using your iPad, iPhone, Android device, or any computer!

The app’s impressive library aims to expand how educators can incorporate reading into their classrooms. To reach this goal, they make it quick and simple to sign up. Watch this video for a quick overview of how to create an account. If you’re ready to start without that introduction, then jump right in!

Once you create your account, you can add your students and start reading. Epic! also provides you with the tools to track student progress using reading logs. The app is easy to use as you can browse by content type (books, read to me, and videos) and narrow your search results through filters such as fiction, nonfiction, age, and AR or Lexile levels.

We strongly encourage our elementary school teachers and librarians to explore the magic of this free digital library to enrich the classroom and push every student’s reading to the next level.

Happy reading!

GSuite Spotlight: g(Math)

Have you ever tried to create a math worksheet on a computer? We have, and it’s far too complicated to get all the symbols the way you want them. Here at Beehively, we are always on the lookout for cool GSuite add-ons. One of our favorites makes typing mathematics simple! Creating your own math quizzes and worksheets has been a challenge since the computer was brought into the classroom. Using this amazing add-on, you can easily create custom math pages and Google Form quizzes with the numbers and symbols your students are accustomed to.

Creating your own math quizzes and worksheets has been a challenge since computers entered the classroom. Using this amazing add-on, you can easily create custom math pages and quizzes with the numbers, symbols, and graphs you (and your students) are accustomed to.

g(Math) supports four types of entries:

  • Math Expressions
  • Graphs
  • Statistical displays
  • Handwritten entries


Math Expressions

GSuite Spotlight- g(Math) Simple & Advanced Editors (1).jpg



GSuite Spotlight- g(Math) Graphs.jpg

Statistical Displays

GSuite Spotlight- g(Math) Statistical Displays.jpg

Handwritten Entries

GSuite Spotlight- g(Math) Handwritten Entries.jpg

The charts, graphs, and equations you create can be used in any of the GSuite applications. In addition, g(math) is also available for forms. This allows you to quickly and easily create online assessments for your students.

If you’re looking for more tips on using g(math), or are wondering how to insert a specific type of expression, support materials are available here.

We hope you enjoy using g(Math) and explore more add-ons! We will continue to share our favorites with you. If you find one you think you might want to use and are concerned about its safety or authenticity, just let us know and we will check it out for you.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. We can be reached by email at, text at(530) 883-8835, or phone at (888) 851-4879.

Buzzworthy Apps: Google Drive

As a leader in bringing one to one technology to schools, teachers and administrators trust us to recommend productive, secure apps for their classrooms. Our Educational Technology team has compiled a suite of apps that we recommend for all one to one classroom users. One of these core apps is Google Drive. You may already use Google Drive on your laptop or desktop computer, but did you know these files can also be accessed via the Drive app on your tablet or mobile device?

Google Drive enables you to create, edit, and share documents across your devices, allowing you to continue your work wherever you are.

Students and teachers love Drive because it frees them from compatibility issues, forgotten drives, broken printers, and many more complications of previous technologies.

Teachers are using drive to:

  • Store documents, lesson plans, and class information
  • Receive documents from students, parents, and peers
  • Share documents with students, parents, and peers
  • Provide feedback on student documents

Students are using drive to:

  • Create, edit and share schoolwork using Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets
  • Share schoolwork with peers and teachers
  • Receive feedback on schoolwork from peers and teachers

To download Drive, visit The App Store or Google Play

For information on Beehively’s One to One and Web Services, visit, email us at or call us at  (888) 851-4879.


Buzzworthy Apps

With the increase in student and teacher use of mobile devices in the classroom, we are always on the lookout for the best apps to share with our clients. Each month we will select an app to showcase, and this month it’s Tellagami.


Tellagami is a fun, new way to share animated messages. Customize your character. Change its mood or outfit. Record your voice or add dialogue. Then share your Gami. Such a fun way to create Digital Stories with and for our students. Here is a sample:

Lead a new wave in digital learning. Tellagami is a fun way for students to learn by creating. Teachers and students can use Tellagami to create book reports, solve math problems and recite lessons. The possibilities are endless!

  • Assignments
  • Presentations
  • Tutorials
  • Lessons
  • Book Reports

Beehively is proud to be a leader in one to one implementations, providing highly sophisticated solutions to help curriculum stay at the forefront of new technology developments.