Beehively Feature Update: Report Distribution Panel

New feature alert! We are excited to reveal our updated report distribution feature that has a clearer layout with better visuals and resend buttons that are easier to maneuver. You can access our support document for all the details of this new feature here and read below for a few highlights!

  • “Bulk Reporting” will have you select your desired classroom, report type, and academic period and once you choose those filters, just hit “Send Report”.
  • Reports send out within 20 minutes, sometimes even 10 minutes but depending on the email client of the parent, the time can differ. You can monitor this process through the dashboard.
  • The dashboard allows you to view different statuses-via a bar graph- that explain different details such as how many reports have sent, how many have been opened, how many were posted, etc. This will give you information about who has opened the report or if there were any issues sending or receiving the report.

Our aim is always to make our system more user friendly and efficient for your needs- especially when it comes to communicating with parents. Let us know your thoughts and if you come across any issues not answered in our support document, feel free to contact the Beehively support team!



Beehively Summer Update: Settings That Are Even Easier to Use!

We’re having a busy summer here at Beehively. Along with all of the updates you have already heard about, we are making our software, even more, user friendly.

We have redesigned the subject edit page so that it lays out all of the information more clearly. The page now has tabs that clearly divide the different information you are used to. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know as we may have renamed it.

You can also edit multiple subjects at once! This means that you can change what your parents can see for all of your subjects without clicking into each one individually. You can find this screen by clicking on Grades/Reports in the Admin menu.Gradebook, classroom report, and report legend settings have been moved to a more easily accessible location. They are the settings you are used to, but can now be found in the Reporting section of the Administration Menu.

The homework notification system has also been updated. You can now set your homework assignment with the date it will be assigned and the date that it is due. This allows you to tell the system when to send out the notification emails for each assignment. To send a notification on the assignment date, make sure you check “notify parents by email”.

For our wonderful Admin users, the School Profile page received a makeover this summer! All the options that were on this page before are still there along with a new option! You can now control what items show up in homepage feeds (i.e. Announcements, Calendar events, Spotlights, principal’s messages… )

We hope you’re having a great summer. Keep checking in for more Beehively updates.

As always, let us know if you have any questions by email or calling (888) 851-4879. You can also leave a comment here!

Beehively Summer Update: New Tools and Features for Admin Users

We have built a few more tools for admin users to have more control of announcements, searches, and users.


First, announcements now have a timestamped history. You can see who created, edited, and approved each announcement just by clicking on its title from the Admin > Announcements page.

Second, Admin users now have the ability to view and reactivate deleted users. The deleted users page will look like this showing when they were deleted with the option to edit, bringing you to a page that allows you to approve and activate the user.


Approve and Activate


Database Tools

The new and improved search function allows administrators to query the database. This means that you can ask the system questions like, “Which users do not have addresses” in a query format and the system will generate a list that can then be downloaded. You can also save a search if you use it frequently.

A few of the most exciting query options include: first name, last name, homeroom, approval status, and birthday. Each of these can be queried in a number of ways. For a full list of query options, click here. To watch a quick video of the process, click here. We will update the list as new query options become available. Let us know if you have a request!

We heard your requests, so we created a whole new report! The new report is an Emergency Report. It generates a two sided sheet for each student that includes all of their emergency contact information, medical information, and releases for easy access and filing hard copies. This report can be downloaded from the directory.
Emergency Contact Report

We also added a new option to the announcement editor. You can now choose which types of users receive notification emails for any particular announcement. Just add any types of users in the box shown below.


These announcements behave in the same manner on the Beehively homepage. If you are posting announcements that should only be seen by a certain group of people, please continue to use the group or class pages.

In addition to all these fun updates, you can also look forward to an all new look for Beehively announcement emails. We thought they could use a make-over, we hope you like it!

Do you have questions about our updates? Do you have requests for future updates? Let us know and keep your eyes out for more updates soon!

Happy Summer!

Winter Break Release!

Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a wonderful break and are starting off the new year well.

We were very productive while school was out and we’re detailing three of these updates for you below.

First, you can now remove events in a recurring series without removing the entire series. I know a lot of you have been asking for this feature and it is here!

Second, we have updated the “Principal’s Message” section to improve usability! This section is a great place to share school-wide notices from the Principal (for example, a note about Catholic Schools Week).

  • We moved “Principal’s Message” to the drop-down menu instead of the previous checkbox.
    • When this option is selected, the “more” menu automatically opens for you to select whether or not you would like to send an email.


Third, we have made some updates to the announcement feature so that it is clearer and simpler to use.

  •   We added a message to notify the user that “School” is selected. This will send the announcement to the entire school and post on the homepage.


With all of the recent holidays, we also wanted to remind you that holidays can be added to attendance at the school level. Your classroom teachers and office staff do not need to enter holidays one student at a time.

If you would like assistance setting this up, please email

Please keep sharing your wonderful ideas for Beehively’s future. Your feedback helps us to update the system in truly meaningful ways.

Fall Release Update

Well, it has been two weeks since our big release and we can’t thank you enough for all of the wonderful feedback!  We are so happy that you love the updated design and are excited about the new features. This is just the start of some more great things to come!

We wanted to give you a short update on a few quick changes we have made in the past two weeks to adjust features based on your feedback.  When beta testing all of our releases we share the software with focus groups and do extensive testing, but sometimes you still surprise us!

We appreciate those surprises though – so we adapted quickly and have made the following updates in production:

  1. Brought back existing images to the Principal’s Corner and Spotlights
  2. Give schools the option to remove Files, Calendar Events and Spotlights from the homepage feed
  3. Adjusted the “Edit” and “Delete” button closer to the user’s name in the People section
  4. Added back the ability to color code calendar and homework calendar entries
  5. Adding holiday attendance for past dates
  6. Files has returned to the classroom menu options
  7. Returned the alpha sort option in the People section
  8. Increased the size of Announcements on the feed
  9. Adjusted class roster downloads

We have some additional exciting new features coming your way soon – in the meantime please keep sharing your ideas, it constantly pushes us to make our software better – and for that, we thank you!


Recent Updates

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing summer and your school year is off to a great start.

Here at Beehively we have been hard at work at a series of improvements and new features to our software.  So while we hope you enjoyed a relaxing three day weekend, we have prepared our first big release of the school year.  When you come back on Tuesday, Beehively will look a bit different! Keep reading to learn more about all the changes or click here to watch a video on the updates.


Now you are probably wondering, just how different is it? Well, we are excited to share with you some of our favorite updates!


Features YOU Asked For!

First – we have to thank you for all the wonderful suggestions and feedback you provide – it makes our software better.  So we applaud you for sharing these great ideas, and we are excited to introduce you to the newest Beehively features.


  • Mobile Friendly: Tired of trying to navigate Beehively on your small iPad or iPhone screen, Beehively is now built with a responsive design which makes your mobile experience exponentially better.  This does mean that a few things have moved, most notably the left hand menu and column have been relocated on the page.



  • People Search: You can now search the People section of Beehively with two fancy new search options – this will save administrators valuable time.  In addition, you can save your searches and use them over and over!
    • The keyword search allows you to search by: First name, Last Name, Email, Primary phone for directory, voice numbers, text numbers, memberships, person id, prefix, suffix, relatives, type, classroom, address
    • The filters allow you to select groups by user type, membership, groups and classrooms

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.17.39 AM.png

  • Holiday Bulk Attendance: Have you ever had to mark “Holiday” for all students?  Well, you won’t anymore!  You can now upload all school holidays and attendance will automatically mark “holiday” in all student attendance records.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.05.27 PM.png

  • File Folder Structure: Is your Files page looking a bit cluttered?  Get ready to change that!  You can now add multiple files in one entry, allowing you to customize a folder structure.  Our support team is ready to help you navigate this new feature!
  • Multiple User Views: We always hear “What do parents see?” – well, now we can set you up with a sample parent account that you can toggle to at any time.  Contact our support team to help get this account set up!

Multiple account option under My profile.png

What is even more exciting than these new features is knowing that there is actually so much more in this release!  Below you will find a complete list of all the updates.  

What’s new in Beehively

  • View family members by relation on My People
  • Layout for communication pages has been updated to be mobile friendly
  • Streamlined the ability for staff and administrators to add content from one place
  • Updated people page
  • Pinned items are now more prominent on the homepage
  • The homepage now features a feed with all new announcements, calendar events, spotlights, etc.
  • Menu navigation has been simplified
  • Rotating spotlights now appear on the homepage
  • Homepage and classroom feed filter options
  • Easier to edit/delete spotlights
  • Filter for multiple files
  • My Profile layout simplified
  • Remembers login for 60 days
  • Error message more clear in People pages
  • Changes made to fields in “People edit” page
  • Login to multiple schools with one username
  • Administration menu changes
  • External Links removed – need to add them in another area, contact support
  • Spotlights can expire
  • Easier to edit spotlights, announcements and principal messages
  • Principal messages now go through the approval process
  • Type ahead search
  • Contacts have been adjusted and simplified
  • Medical fields have been added
  • Introduction of a cumulative folder
  • Updated Profile tab names

What is Gone

  • External Links are no longer available on the homepage or classroom pages.  Don’t worry though, there are some new, awesome places to put those links.  Contact for help on getting these added back to your page!

Walkthrough Video

Looking for a virtual tour of the updated system? Please take a few minutes to watch our walkthrough video!

We hope you had relaxing three day weekend – and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on all the new changes.  We look forward to hearing from you – remember you can email at any time!