Attract New Students with a Rejuvenated Website

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean your website should take a vacation too! Spiff up your website with our quick and easy tips. This list will help get your public presentation prepared for fall.

  • Swap out images you no longer need such as graduated students and outdated staff members. While you’re at it, check all of your other photos as well.
  • With the seasons, roles change too. Do you have an updated staff list posted yet?
  • Take down those banners and announcements that no longer pertain to the school year and put up the new, good stuff, like “New Gymnasium!” or “Updated Lunch Menu!”
  • Do you have a campus map easily accessible on your website? Encourage prospective families to take a tour and help new students find their classes.
  • Check that calendar, check it twice. An updated calendar makes students, staff, and parents feel extra nice to know you’re planning ahead
  • Are your school forms posted online? Digitize your forms for easier access and save a tree!
  • Last but not least, ADA compliance is a hot topic surrounding educational websites. Is your website compliant? Not sure? We can help with that and save you the trouble of finding out the hard way.

Remember, you can submit any website change requests to or call 888.851.4879. We’re here M-F 8:30-5.